This Fraud is multilayered and I still do not know how deep the rabbit hole goes in all this, but I will share with you what I know so far.  The Royal Family fought with the BBC for a long time over televising the Coronation Oath, the wanted it to remain a Private matter.  The finally agreed after a poll was taken saying that 78% of the British people wanted to see it televised.


This is a research document that tells the tail from the UK Parliament.  They say in it that there is a “Slight” difference between the oath that Queen took and the Oath that was the Statutory requirement.  The required Oath by Law is Appendix A and Oath she took is in Appendix B.

15. On her way to the Coronation, Her Majesty wore the George IV State Diadem - the crown depicted on stamps. Made in 1820, the Diadem features roses, shamrocks and thistles with 1,333 diamonds and 169 pearls.


This is interesting because she was wearing a crown prior to her Coronation.  You will not the play on numbers with the 13 and the 33 along with the 69 expression in the numbers, as above so bellow.  Crowns are full of symbolism that point too the rule of the Egyptian Pharaohs and the Ancient Mystery School beliefs.  This is a rabbit hole that goes very deep.


·         5:15 timeline

She is presented to the “People” as Queen Elizabeth II to be accepted by the People.  She has not been crowned as yet and could not be called Queen Elizabeth II until she is actually crowned.  The people in the “Congregation” accept her as their Queen, but there is no Question asked if anyone does not accept her.  This is Contract Law, without the opposing vote, there is no vote.  Take for example how Parliament works; votes are for nay or yeah.  Keep in mind from here on all about Contract Law.  She may have the right to ascend by Law, but it is all about Law.


She is presented to the People as Your “Undoubted Queen” as But is not addressed as Queen Elizabeth II, just Queen Elizabeth.  Not sure if that really matters though.  But here the Archbishop is saying that she is already the Queen, not the Queen in waiting.  Prime Minsters are called Prime Ministers Elect before their Oath or example.  The Congregation was made up with many leaders from all over the Commonwealth and world, 125 countries in all.  They were agreeing on behalf of the people of there Countries.


Now the problem with this is of course, she has been accepted by the people as Queen Elizabeth, without giving her Oath, which was likely added in.  So at this point it matters not what Oath she actually signs or agrees too, because she has been accepted unconditionally by the People.


I would just add that I thought she could hardly contain herself, thought her curtsy was going to turn into a jump for joy with a heels tapping.


5:55 timeline

The Arch Bishop bows to her.  This is breaking God’s commandment thou shall have no other Gods before me.  He begins to administer the Oath, recognizing her authority over him in doing so.


The Arch Bishop askes her: Madam, is your Majesty willing to take the Oath?


Of course now she is called Madam now after they call her Queen so that Queen Elizabeth does not take the Oath, the madam’s Majesty does, which is not defined here.  This was not part of the Legal Oath by Parliamentary Statute, see Appendix A.  Who is actually taking the Oath here?  Who exactly is your Majesty?  It is bait and switch.


Now she goes about listening to the oath being read and says I am willing, this is all per the proper Oath.  This part of the Oath deals with her willingness to take on the rulership of the UK and the Commonwealth.  Of course she agrees to that!


6:17 Timeline

You will see on the Robe of the Arch Bishop the Templars Cross with a circle in the middle.  This is a flattened down pyramid.  The circle is the flattened down earth, which represents their domination over all the earth, not God’s.


6:44 Timeline

Now the commentator calls her the Queen not Elizabeth as she has still not finished taking the Oath.  Further watch very carefully where she signs the book, “Form of Oath”.  Under Contract Law one must sign their contracts at the bottom of a page accepting all what was written above.  She signs on a blank page at the top adjacent to the form of Oath.  At 6:55 you can clearly see the Oath on the left page and she is signing at the top of right page.  Further she is signing the Oath prior to all of the Oath being read and her verbally agreeing to it.



Ø  3 The Coronation Oath The basis for the coronation oath, which forms part of the coronation ceremony, is enshrined in statute in the Coronation Oath Act 1689.9  This Act required the King William and Queen Mary, as joint monarchs, to swear an oath during the coronation ceremony.  The Act of Settlement 1701 and the Accession Declaration Act 1910 make a statutory requirement on the monarch to take the coronation oath.10


Ø  It is worth noting that the coronation oath has been modified without statutory authority. The present Queen swore a slightly different version of the oath to the 1689 version. It still included a promise to maintain the established Protestant religion in the United Kingdom. The text of the oath taken by Elizabeth II in 1953 is also appended to this note.


7:08 Timeline

She is presented with the Bible.

You will notice the Cube on the front of the Bible.  It is not the King James Bible 1611 Edition upon which is what is suppose to be used in her Courts I believe.  If you look again at the Lawful Oath in Appendix A, the Oath is administered and the King and Queen have the Bible before them at the beginning the Oath and lay their hand end of their oath swearing upon it.  I checked the website for the Church of England, but could not directly find any information on which Bible’s are currently accepted although Quroa found it when I asked Siri on my iPhone.  There is no mention of this Bible being used by the Church of England.  The Bible as the Holy Gospel in the great Bible as per page 8 of the Coronation Oath document put out by the UK Parliament PDF I have been referring too.


Now in both the black and white and color version of the Coronation the YouTube video cuts out to where she is being Anointed and Crowned as Queen.  There is no public record of this part of the Oath readily available to the Public and thus why?


There was no requirement for her to sign the first part of the Oath in the book, she was to complete the entire Oath and no signing of the Oath was required by Statutory law, from what I see, although it may have been a requirement, just haven’t dug down that deep yet.  If you reference Appendix A you will see there is no break mentioned.  So all she agrees to here publicly is to rule over the UK and Commonwealth, without any restrictions to her power to do so.


The next part of the Oath deals with ensuring that the Commonwealth remain Christian and extending God’s rights and freedoms to the people of the UK and Commonwealth, which would make the Holy Bible the supreme law of the land.  Poof!


Interesting Pakistan was formed into a Islamic Country in 1947 under King George, so this may go back to Queen Victoria or further.  Because the Coronation Oaths are kept secret from the Public at large, only those who bear true allegiance to her Majesty via oath of Office, are ever allowed to be present during her Coronation I suspect.  And of course the Royals all decked out in expensive crowns and jewelry etc.


The Anointing of the Queen is suppose to be done with Olive Oil as per passages in the Bible with King David etc.  Just do a search anointing in the Bible and you will see.  Further God is not a Respector of Persons and Her Majesty is indeed a Person.  It was completely unlawful under God’s Laws and ways what transpired here.


So that is the basics.  I know you are very astute and much more knowledgeable than I am, which is why I offered to share this with you.  I hope it failed the smell test at least.


If you compare the rest of the Oaths in Appendix A and B, you will see that she only agrees to keep the UK a Protestant Nation, not the rest of the Commonwealth.  She is suppose to have taken on the title Defender of the Faith, thus every minister in her Government must preserve Christianity within their Countries and prevent any incursions from other Religions.


Her Accession Oath was also invalid.

Oath Elizabeth took


The Oath by Law Elizabeth was required to take


The oath Elizabeth took left out ,"of my Realm".  Thus the oath is completely bogus and she was not entitled by law to be called Queen.


To further go down the Rabbit Hole you need to look at the information that Canada and probably every other Country in the Commonwealth are actually Corporations acting as Governments under Admiralty Law, not God’s Law as the Oath pertains too.  The Canada’s People Union is doing some work in this area to try and wrestle back control of Canada from the Criminals that usurped God’s authority over the earth.


The Canadian’s People’s Union


They have some YouTube videos as well that are informative.  But they don’t go into the Queen’s Oath at all.


They have a lot of things right, but they are not aware of what I have just shared with you.  Further they are doing this from a Legal perspective, not God’s Perspective, which is why they are bound to fail.


In Genesis 1:26-28 God gives man dominion over all the earth.  That has never changed and no one can take it away from us under God.  However what is going on is not about God it is about Satan.  That’s



So what has transpired is that the Queen has a pure dictatorship with no legal requirement to extend rights to the People she Governs.


Rob Hay